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Side Effects

Possible side effects exist and must be described to the patient buy the practitioner before treatment. Very slightly bleeding may occur during the injection although this disappears spontaneously as soon as the injection is finished. In occasional cases, one or more of the following may occur, either immediately or as a delayed reaction.

  • Reactions usually associated with injections like redness, erythema, edema, pain, burning sensation, sensitivity, sometimes accompanied by itching or stinging in the treat area. These reactions may last for a week.
  • Hematomas in the treated area.
  • Swelling in the treated area.
  • Indurations or nodules in the treated area.
  • Coloration or discoloration in the treated area.
  • Allergy to one of the product's components, especially sodium hyaluronate and Lidocaine hydrochloride.
  • Cases of necrosis, abscesses and granulomas after sodium hyaluronate injections have been reported in the literature. These rare potential risks must nevertheless be taken into account.

Its is recommended that the patient report any undesirable effects lasting more than a week to his/her practitioner. The practitioner may then prescribe the patient appropriate treatment.

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