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Our Men's Line:

Exfoliating Face wash; Day, Night and Sensitive Daily Skin Creams

Our Women's Line:

Exfoliating Face wash, Day and Night Eye Serums; Day, Night and Sensitive Daily Skin Creams

Our Medical Line:

Healing Lip Balms, Anti Fungal Shoe Spray, Scar Correction  Gel, Pre and Post Laser Treatment Creams to help prepare the skin and promote healing.

Dr. Bert's Product Philosophy:

You are born to shine.....

And we can help!

Do you know that:

  • Dr. Bert's Products are carefully compounded from a selection of natural active ingredients that enhance the vitality of your skin
  • All chosen ingredients for Dr. Bert's products have scientifically established potentials to keep your skin in optimal condition: We call it the 3 R's - Restore, Regenerate, Renew
  • Dr. Bert's products include a transdermal delivery system as base and therefore facilitates the delivery of the active skin rejuvenation for the best results.
  • All Dr. Bert's product are made under the site pharmaceutical manufacturing supervision.
  • Dr. Bert's products reduce trans epidermal water loss and thus keeps your skin moisturized and consequently from wrinkling
  • Dr. Bert's products are eco friendly: for our face wash (Beach) we use ecofriendly and fully biodegradable beads (ahead of pending eco legislation in Canada and most of the United States.)
  • We can customize Dr. Bert's products to your special needs because of our unique pharmaceutical compounding and manufacturing.  (Please let us know yours!)