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Are you diabetic?

Infrared therapy is cleared by the FDA for improving local circulation and relieving pain and inflammation. These complaints occur in a large number of medical situations including diabetic, statin and chemotherapy related peripheral neuropathy.

Tens of thousands of individuals, through clinics and at home, have experienced significant relief from the pain, tingling, numbness, inflammation and swelling that often occurs in conjunction with diabetic, statin and chemotherapy related peripheral neuropathy. There is no known cure but there is symptomatic relief. With continued home or clinical use for just 20 minutes a day for at least 12 weeks most people report a significant improvement in their discomfort level. After the initial 12 weeks, using infrared therapy a couple of times per week may be enough to maintain the plateau of comfort reached.


How HealthLight increase circulation
HealthLight’s red and infrared diodes cause an increase in local circulation as measured by a Scanning Laser Doppler manufactured by Moor Instruments. Brighter colors indicate increased circulation.

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Our consultation is free so take this opportunity to find out if it’s right for you.  We will review your history, do a thorough peripheral neurological exam and answer your questions.  If we do not think that we can help you we will be upfront and honest.  If we can help you, affordable treatments start at $25.00 for a 20 minutes session. We also can offer for $250 a month HeathLights you can use on your own time (2-3 times a day) at the comfort of your own home!

Do you have any of the following symptoms or no sleep due to…?

  • Pins and needles feeling
  • Numbness in the hands or feet
  • Tingling or burning sensation
  • Weakness in legs and toes
  • Sharp, shooting or burning pains
  • Feeling like your socks are rolled up under your toes

If so you may have Peripheral Neuropathy.

There are over 100 identified causes of neuropathy, the most common being Diabetes.

Simply, you lose the nerves ending at the skin level, but the nerve still fires so you can have pain, etc. and still feel numb.

Peripheral neuropathy in almost all cases is a progressive disease.  It will get worse over time.

A true treatment for neuropathy reverses the damage while doing nothing to cover up the symptoms.

Our protocols use FDA cleared technology developed following studies performed over the last 15 years.  As reviewed by the, Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine “infrared energy is absorbed by the red blood cells, releasing nitric oxide.  All of this helps increase the circumference of the arteries and veins, which allows for better circulation and decreased symptoms.”

The use of light therapy to stimulate tissue repair has recently become a recommended therapy by the American Diabetes Society.

Our treatment regenerates nerve density reversing the nerve damage itself, not just giving symptomatic relief.

The treatment program is over 6 – 12 weeks, depending on the severity of your condition.

You will feel the results in weeks and truly change your life!

Chronic Pain?