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30ml $39.75

60ml $58.95


 Promoting Skin Cooling 

Lidocaine and menthol are combined in this innovative laser pre-treatment cream. The local anesthetic properties of the Lidocaine are complemented by the addition of the menthol which provides a cooling sensation while providing immediate topical pain relief. Chamomile, Comfrey, Calendula and Aloe Vera are all natural ingredients that calm the skin and provide the anti-inflammatory action desired. The addition of Emu Oil, which is closest in molecular structure to human oil, contains the Essential Fatty Acids that our body cannot make on it's own and provides the optimal environment for the skin to quickly recover, heal and repair itself from the laser treatment. For best results and to maximize the skin's ability to heal and restore itself, use with Restore- Post Laser Cream.


Apply as directed a half to one hour prior to laser application.